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Google My Business

Google My Business can help SMEs scale digitally if it is well practiced.

It is no news that Google controls over 80% of the search engine market. Daily, over 3.5 million searches are completed on Google. Of these searches, over 18% results in a product being purchased or service hired.

Thus, with Google, brands are promised a platform to improve visibility and customer reach.

One effective way of getting your brand on Google is creating a Google My Business page. This is a business listing operated by Google that allow you register your business on Google for free!

Even though it’s free and effective, a number of business owners still don’t adopt this technique.

Earlier, in our post on Google My Business, we highlighted reasons why you should adopt Google My Business and how it can help your brand grow.

In this post, we’d be highlighting five key tactics that you can adopt to optimize your Google My Business page for more sales.

1. Update your Business Information

The Google My Business page allows you to add almost everything about your business. From name to location, contact details, business category and description, you are presented with the best visibility options.

However, in trying to do this, some either add excessive details or inconsistent information in comparison with those on their website or other web pages.

In a report showing the common ranking issues GMB users face, 41% of it is owed to NAP inconsistency or wrong citation. NAP is an abbreviation for Name, Address and Phone number. These three are the basic information needed to create a Google My Business page.

So, it is important to ensure that these are accurately provided.

When inputting the address, the best practice is to match it on the Google map instead of typing it. Also, a local number is better than a national line or call center line.

Besides these three, updating accurate business category and brand attribute are very important.

Being specific about your business category is important. You should consider using keyword strategy when inputting these information. To ensure that you don’t input a random category, Google has provided a list of 2,395 business categories that you can choose from.

In terms of business attributes, make sure to put information that will answer any potential question a customer might have. Paint a clear picture of your business in this space.

Then, take care of the visual attributes of the information category. Use a high quality image as your profile picture, cover photo, and also add a video to showcase your business.

In addition, encourage visitors to add pictures of your product they purchased or any other user generated content.

This way, you get to rank higher.

2. Ask users to add review

We are in the world of recommendation. When a user enjoys your service, it is important you ask them to drop a written review of their experience.

Good reviews equate directly to more sales. A new customer will be easily moved about what others have to say about your brand.

However, getting a review is only half of the stage. Responding to the reviews complete the stage!

Especially when you get a not too good review, reply with a reason why such happened. Strategically inform them of other good things about your business and include how you’ll improve on the aspect they mentioned.

In a survey, 45.6% of people said they will more likely patronize a brand if the owner reply to negative reviews. Thus, this showcase why responding to reviews can help your business growth.

To invite people to drop a review on your page, access the “Share or Embed Map.” option from the menu drop down on your page. Click the “copy link” option to access the link and share to your customers.

However, remember! Don’t leave them hanging, respond to their reviews!

3. Capitalize on the Call-to-action options

Google My Business allows you to post variety of contents on your page. You can either upload a carousel of a new line of products, promote an upcoming events or add texts on recent brand advancement or achievements.

However, the call-to-action, CTA option stands out amongst the allowed post type. CTA links like Buy, Learn More, Sign Up, Get a offer, are very effective in convincing visitors to click on your page.

Because this post option only last for 7 days, you need to be strategic. Ensure to embed links that will take them to your best selling products or services.

4. Track users’ behavior with Google insights.

One important feature of the Google My Business page is the insights. With this, you can gather enough data to predict what your customers enjoy about your brand and those that don’t.

Insights like “how people found your business”, whether direct search or discovery search let’s you know more about your business popularity. Where you’re found, map or search tells more about the accuracy of the information you provided.

Other insights like actions users take on your page, how they contact you from the options you provide also allow you re-strategize.

5. Message people directly from your GMB account

Another way to get more visibility is to stay active in the GMB direct messaging feature. When users tap on the “Contact us now – typically responds in few mins”, they actually expect a response in the said “few minutes”.

Thus, it is important you stay active and let people know you’re running a brand. They don’t necessarily have to call you. Let them feel they are talking directly to the brand by replying them through the business listing account.

To allow the messaging option, access the “Turn on Messaging” from your business dashboard. You can include a welcome message that the user receives on clicking the message option.

This help build a closer connection between your business and customers. Your business is then perceived to be more transparent. Hence, creating increased credibility and ultimately, more sales.

The Google My Business page offers alot of features that can help you push your Business out there. With those said above, if well utilized, you can expect a significant growth to your brand visibility and customer reach.

Ultimately, this brings more customers and eventually more sales.

We hope you find this useful and will implement it accordingly.

See you soon.

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  1. Corpely.com 2 years ago

    Not claiming and optimizing your Google My Business listing is like saying, “No thanks” to someone offering you a free digital sign for your restaurant right off a highway exit.

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