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Email Marketing is one of the oldest marketing strategies. However, business owners aren’t adopting it as expected. In this article, we’ll be looking at the key benefits of adopting Email Marketing.

Today, digital marketing has proven beyond doubt to be the go-to strategy. Any brand looking to build a good customer base needs it.

The days of marketing through newspaper and posters have long been replaced. The era of digital marketing brought to by the internet has given us a faster and more cost-effective media.

However, the use of emails is still in vogue. This makes Email marketing one of the oldest and still effective marketing strategy.

What is Email Marketing?

Email Marketing basically involves the use of email to promote your business. It is used to keep customers updated, encourage loyalty and offer quick sales.

When the internet was new, we all loved emails. It was one of the quickest ways to pass information to people. Emails were used to communicate professional and discrete information. While text and phone calls were for informal communication. This made businesses pounce on it for their brand promotion.

Not long after, the social media heavyweights came. There was a rise of mountain of unsolicited spam. Then, people found emails less interesting. Hence, businesses began to focus more on social media marketing.

Social media marketing might arguably look a better option. It offers businesses a bigger and faster customer reach. The significant rise of mobile users accounts for this.

But, can we conclude that email marketing doesn’t have a place in the world of today? Is it still a worthwhile tactic for business owners and marketers to pursue?

The simple answer is yes and there are many reasons to back this claim.



Social media marketing is designed to reach a wide audience. Emails, on the other hand, are targeted.

Emails promise better reach and engagement. Each email can be personalized using customers’ lead status, demographics, location, and other data.

Also, using segmentation, customer preferences are studied. Personalized emails, based on his or her lead status, can be sent while others get theirs. This way, there would be a higher conversion rate.

So, unlike social media posts with a general target, one gets to deliver exactly what each customer wants.


Again, as much as another digital marketing strategy seems measurable, email marketing still offers truer ways of accessing customers’ behavior. Metrics such as open rate, bounce rate, and click-through rate offers more insight into each customers’ interests. One can find out the kind of contents the customer responds best to.

Also, the opt-in features get users to subscribe to your emails. It also gives you an insight into the actions of users. With this, you can know those your contents were able to convince.


Its flexibility and versatility also make it unique. Depending on the skill of the crafter, emails can accommodate many other marketing tactics.

Email allows appending of different media files, personalized welcome messages or use of customers’ name, and other personalization tactics that will catch the attention of the customers.


Email marketing can also accommodate quick sales by integrating cart reminders, payment gateway, and discount coupons. This way, customers are moved by the call-to-action buttons. They can complete purchases without leaving their mail.


Another reason why it remains a worthwhile tactic is its inexpensiveness. It is by far cost-effective than various digital marketing strategies. A report by the Direct Marketing Association shows that businesses can get about $40 return for every $1 spent on email marketing. This makes it one of the most cost-effective marketing methods.

Apart from being easy, cost-effective and measurable, it is a very good way to increase brand recognition. It is very effective in helping expose businesses and brands to potential customers.

Regular products update, discount offers, and recommendations posts can be sent. It reminds them of what the brand offers and who to come to when the need for the services arises.

Email marketing was and is still a worthwhile marketing strategy. It allows personalization, organize brand growth and builds brand recognition. On top of this, it is quite measurable and is one of the most cost-effective marketing strategies out there.

So, it is a strategy your business needs. It can help you get a higher return on investment and a promising customer conversion rate.

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