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Google My Business page? Why?

People still wonder why getting listed on Google My Business page is important to their business growth. Even those who have set it up still don’t know how to optimize it for more sales and visibility. We have taken time, in this article, to highlight points that will change your attitude towards its usage. Stay with us.

It is no news that Google is the most used search engine today. Over 3.5 million searches are being completed daily on google with over 18% of these searches resulting in a product being purchased or service hired. With over 2 billion people on the internet, a large percentage of buyers or clients are online, thus, making digital marketing the new business mover in the world of today.

Google My Business


What is Google My Business (GMB)?

Google My Business (GMB) is an online-based business listing operated by Google, launched in 2014. It allows business owners to register their business details with Google at no cost without creating a website. Google allows businesses to take control of how their business appears in a search query. Business names, contact details and work hours can be defined making it a good way to sell your brand to the world, especially people close to your location.

Google My Business listing is a part of the Search Engine Optimization (SEO) technique categorized under Local SEO. With GMB, you will be able to drive meaningful traffic to local potential customers due to the location feature it characterizes.

When people search for a product or service near your area, Google list out business pages registered with them through GMB. This gives an edge over others who offer the same service but aren’t in that vicinity or on the GMB listing.

As we know, people that search for a product or a service are intentional about it. A purchase is more likely to occur when a person searches than browsing randomly on a social media page, say Instagram. Thus, having your business page appear in the right way, with all the necessary information displayed is very important to your brand growth and sales rate.

Features of Google My Business (GMB)

GMB pages have numerous features that will allow customers to directly contact you or even initiate a purchase or deal.

Register with Google for free!

The most important feature of GMB is registering your business to show up on Google as you want it. Information such as open hours, phone number, address, logo and map integrated direction gives you a comprehensive platform to tell everything about your business. GMB is like registering with a traditional trade commission, say Corporate Affairs Commission (CAC). Google gives you the credibility your brand deserves in the digital world.

Set up a Review page!

Another awesome feature of the GMB listing is the review page where you can monitor and reply to customers’ reviews. Today, businesses thrive on referrals and word-of-mouth.

With the review page, you can ask your customers to drop a comment about your product or services. This convinces new customers to patronize you and give you a platform to get feedback on what strategy to improve on and which to curb.

A Social Media Page to Post!

GMB isn’t just about business information listing, it also acts as a social media page. The post feature allows medias ranging from pictures to videos. You can also append top-notch snapshots that represent what your brand is and what you want people to know about it.

So, updates with crisp pictures of your products and videos of your services allow you more flexibility and an opportunity to buy a customer in.

Call-To-Action Features – Order, Pay, Sign-Up!

The post feature allows business owners to post updates on sales, events, products or an offer. On a post, you can add Call-To-Action links or buttons. Visitors can directly book, buy, order online, sign up or learn more about a product or search. This feature gives a business owner a new market place on its own. Visitors can know about your business, products or services, and initiate a deal without leaving the search page!

So, you can see that there’s a lot to gain by simply getting your business listed on Google. It is cost-free, offers great insights that allow you to analyze how users engage with your page.

GMB is linked to other Google products like Google Adwords, Google Analytics, Google+, Google Maps, and Search. This will even make managing your online presence much easier and controllable.

Google My Business is by far a much needed digital tool. Every brand aiming to remain competitive and improve its online presence should have it done.

Setting up your GMB account might be a little technical especially if you are not that tech-savvy. But, you need not be worried as we are here to make your digital marketing experience easy.

We offer technical assistance in helping brands set up their GMB account with tips on ways to achieve more productive usage.

Email us today or reach us through our social media handle, let’s help you put your brand to the world!

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