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Email Marketing

Email Marketing has proven to be an effective digital marketing tool. Aside  being a targeted marketing strategy, it is quite simple and cost-effective.

Today, small business owners are faced with the decision of choosing the marketing strategies to invest in. That they can use social media platforms, blogs, or video-sharing platforms like Vimeo or YouTube amongst many other options make this a critical decision.

However, choosing to invest in Email Marketing comes with many benefits as highlighted in our last blog post.

In terms of return on investment, Email marketing has been studied to generate at least 40% more on every penny spent. Therefore, it is a recommendable digital tool that if well implemented can help businesses drive more sales.

However, as effective as Email Marketing is, when done wrongly, it could be less profiting.

Designing a promotional email goes beyond just the text or content. The outlook and supporting graphics must also be eye-catching.

At first sight, a reader must be drawn to the email. It could be the email subject or the creativity of the content.

So, efforts should be made to ensure that the reader’s attention is retained.

Email Marketing has many interesting features that can be used to create a good user experience. Thus, it is important to know some tactics that can help you drive more sales through strategic implementation of Email Marketing.


The success of every marketing strategy is a function of the users’ engagement. Thus, the first task in the implementation of Email Marketing is getting people to sign up to your mailing list.

This is by far the most daunting task when trying to adopt email marketing. The question of how to get people to sign up is always begging to be answered. However, this can be accomplished in a number of ways.

First, the idea of having the sign-up form at the bottom of the web page is becoming vague and less effective. Many times, website visitors don’t even get to the end of a page before they leave. So, there is a less and lesser chance that they will even see the email subscription form.

A good tactics is to place it strategically throughout the web pages. Make the form accessible in your homepage, within blog posts, sidebar and other sections. This will increases the chance of a sign-up.

Another approach is to use software that has exit intent technology which pops up the subscription form as a user is about to leave. With this, you even generate more subscribers.


One of key feature of Email Marketing is the available insights into how customers engage with your mails. The click-through rate is one of the most important as it tells you who your content interests and the kind of content that generates more clicks.

This way, you can see what each customer find interesting and build a strategy on it.

Email segmentation is one of the interesting tactics that help you generate a high click through rate. Because customers’ preferences differ, it will be u advisable to push out a generic email to them all.

For instance, you can segment subscribers according to how new or old they are on your email list. A welcome message to new subscribers while the old ones get product and services update will sit well than a general message to all the subscribers.

Another segment can be generated by analyzing the type of customers each are. There can be a segment for those that regularly purchase your products or hire your services. Another for those that do on a random basis while you create one for those that haven’t patronized you yet.

This way, you can personalize messages for each segment that will match the level of engagement you’ve built with them.

With this, you can expect more than 90% click-through rate on each mail you push out according to the segment each customer falls.


People spend less than 3s on a post when trying to decide on reading further or not. Especially when it comes to content that needs further action like signing up for an event or promo, buying or viewing an attached file.

It’s either the content is very catchy or the process is short enough to convince the user to complete it without stressing. Since we can’t judge if every user will find the content catchy, it’s better to make the process short so that it interests anyone.

Adding call-to-action links or buttons make this achievable. With such links, users can complete further actions in a single click and on the same page.

Therefore, whenever you intend to get people to buy, signup or download a thing, the best approach is to append a button or link that allow them to do this directly in the email body.

With this, you get your message across and also get your product or deal subscribed to. Hence, making it a win-win solution.


It’s easy to get tired of seeing the same kind of content these days.

Many subscribers have even noted some emails for their one-way traffic type of content. Most times, they just push it into the archive or trash it on receiving it. I actually do too.

So, to retain reader’s interest, it is important to vary the content, especially from just promotional ones. Try to also inform them about events, a new product or service information, promotions and deals, send informative newsletters and many other engaging types of content.

This way, they are less bored but rather anticipate your emails.


Another way to get more engagement on your mail is to offer an incentive. From the early stage of getting people to sign up, offer a free ebook or a discount on sign-ups.

Then, to retain their interest, offer regular incentive that will convince them to click your emails. This way, you’ll sell more by sacrificing a few of your offers.

So, as earlier mentioned, Email Marketing has a high return on investment and is effective. But when you don’t adopt the right tactics to gain subscribers as well as retaining them, it’ll seem like a wrong marketing strategy.

Ultimately, every marketing strategy has a way of optimization for more sales and engagement. We hope these tactics will prove useful and can help you grow your brand more.

See you next time!


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