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why you need SEO

Why you need SEO for your Business Growth

Still wondering why you need SEO for your business growth? This article is made just to highlight these reasons and to relay its growing importance in the world of Digital Marketing.

Every business owner out there is beginning to realize how big an era today’s world of internet is. Unlike before where only the big brands are sellers, the internet has liberated us so much that even the smallest of brands, located in the farthest place on the earth is able to connect to its customer through the internet.

However, just like earlier, the game is again changing, favoring the competitors – the proactive brands. To be one of the top brands, you have to be out there competing with the top brands in terms of visibility and relevance.

Over 40% of purchases and deals are beginning to emanate from the online presence of brands, where customers hear or know about a service or product for the first time through the internet.

Recent studies show that an average internet user uses Google at least once in a day to search about a product, service or anything of curiosity and about 18% of searches done daily results to a user buying a product or hiring a service. Thus, search engines like Google, Bing, Yahoo, and so on are the real originator of traffic to businesses’ online profiles.

However, ranking high on a search engine result page (SERP) is highly competitive. Therefore, to rank high, adopting a content marketing technique is a must.

And that is exactly where SEO comes in!

why you need SEO


What is SEO?

Search Engine Optimization – SEO is an all-around web optimization technique. It is the art and science of driving targeted traffic to your web pages from search engines.

It involves technical processes adapted to help rank your page high in SERPs. So, when a user searches for a product or service, your page appears top edging out other like pages.

SEO acts like a magnet attracting your page to the right search keyword.

Over 40, 000 results per second are generated when a search is done. Websites then show up in the result pages ranking according to a Google allocated indexing point.

SEO optimizes the texts, images and all other content on a webpage to a  particular keyword. Therefore, your page would be relevant in terms of users experience, content and need.

With all these, knowing how SEO can help your business grow makes it even more meaningful.

Why you need SEO?

Most times, the Return on Investment (ROI) of a marketing strategy is first considered. In this regard, SEO is a present and future technique in digital marketing. It is a continuously updated strategy that keeps your business page relevant to the optimized keyword for as long as possible. For these reasons, it assures not only an immediate profit but a continuous and growing ROI.

Search Engines Generate lots of traffic!

With over 2 billion people are connected to the internet, we can agree that a large part of your customers is online. More specifically, people are searching for your product or services on a search engine daily. A study shows that over 3.5 billion searches are recorded daily.

So, with your page optimized for common search keywords related to your product, SEO will help deliver your product to your customers in real time.

Brand Visibility and Awareness

Brand awareness is the key to product sale and that is exactly what SEO does. With your brand coming top during searches, your brand builds credibility because people trust google results. This can win you more referrals and mention on other pages.

On the long run, your brand will become an authority and a reference to this service.

Local SEO links you to Local Customers!

Local SEO, an aspect of SEO, can help drive local traffic to your page. As part of the optimization technique, a business registered with the Google business registry will even drive more local traffic.

When a local search is done, a registered business page is likely to pop up first. Owing to its proximity to the searcher’s location and relevance to the search request.

Given that local visitors are more likely to become buyers, local SEO improves customer conversion rate.

High Return-on-Investment (ROI)!

Additionally, SEO doesn’t cost you as much as paid advertisement does.

With SEO, ranking top in the SERPs is automatic. The optimization does the underground work and scale past Google’s assessment of the relevance, quality, and usefulness.

When effectively done, SEO integrated pages will even topple paid adverts in ranking being more aligning and relevant to the search request.

SEO is cost-effective, measurable and adjustable. You can filter your keyphrase to push your brand to a specific range of customer giving you more control. It promises good customer conversion rate and a high return on investment (ROI).

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a must if you intend to compete in the fast-moving world of digital marketing. More people are joining the internet every day. Therefore, your product or service can be found.

Hence, you need SEO to help match your brand with the right customer at the right time.

See you next time!

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